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Brian McMillan is Founder, CEO and President of Bravado Pharmaceuticals in Lutz, FL.  McMillan is a Pharmaceutical Development scientist with 30+ years of Analytical and Formulation Development Experience at nationally acclaimed laboratories such as Roxane Laboratories, Bausch and Lomb Pharmaceuticals, and MDS Pharma Services, as well as co-founder and CTO of CoreRx Inc. located in Clearwater, FL. McMillan specializes in developing multi-layer tablet dosage forms, combination products, and bio-availability enhancement utilizing complexation and solid-state dispersion among other techniques. Brian has also developed ophthalmic, solid oral, liquid oral, semi-solid, parenteral, and topical dosage forms over the course of his career which includes development of over approximate 200 products.

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With 26+ years of pharmaceutical industry experience, Ted's primary area of expertise is oral solid non-sterile drug development which includes extensive knowledge with cGMP clinical & commercial manufacturing, and packaging. He also has in-depth experience in formulation development, analytical method development and QC testing, project management, quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Ted has been involved in numerous projects involving facility engineering and design from new construction, to expansion and renovation. Ted’s primary focus has involved the CDMO/CMO space which is fast-paced and requires a keen ability to adapt to customer’s specific needs and timelines. He has consistently used creative thinking combined with relevant experience to implement the latest technologies which enhance drug delivery and increase process efficiencies.

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Director Project Logistics

Molly Berberich is a Michigander who transplanted to Florida in 1993. Married with three grown daughters, Molly joined Brian in Dec 2019; together they launched the Bravado team and the company’s opening on March 2, 2020. Molly brings a background of 30 years sales experience and business ownership in the corporate apparel and marketing industry.  She is effective at managing projects, organizing the administration process, coordinating marketing events, and establishing a collaborative work environment.  Her focus is centered on excellent customer relationships with clients and vendors.

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Bravado Board of Advisors

Mark Licarde has been in the Pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years.  Mark started his career with Bristol Myers Squibb in a commercial manufacturing facility.  Upon leaving BMS, Mark remained in manufacturing, but his main focus was in clinical supply and contract research.

Mark is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history working with startup companies in the pharmaceuticals industry. Skilled in Operations Management, Facility Management (FM), Verification and Validation (V&V), and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Mark is a problem solving professional with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management and Operations.  Mark was Co-Founder and Vice President of CoreRx, Inc. where he worked closely with Bravado President and CEO Brian McMillan, also a CoreRx, Inc. Co-Founder. 

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Garrett Kriston

Analytical Chemist III

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Ashley Mandell

Chemist I

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Liz Gonzalez

Chemist I