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Our Equipment

Analytical Chemistry Equipment

•    Waters 2695 HPLCs with Empower II software.  PDA-UV detectors
•    Varian Automated Dissolution Systems
•    Brookfield DV2TLVTJO Viscometer with small sample adapter
•    Advanced Instruments Osmometer
•    Heidolph Rotary Evaporator
•    Various range Analytical Balances including Mettler MX5 
•    GUOMING BJ-2 Disintegration Tester
•    CS-1 Tablet Friabilator

•    BeDensi T1 Tap Density
•    Advantech Sonic Sifter
•    Champion F-33D Centrifuge
•    IVYX Scientific Water Bath
•    “Digital” Ultrasonic Bath
•    Apera 700 pH Meter
•    Ohaus MB27 LOD Balance

•    Agilent Cary 630 FTIR

•    Karl Fisher Titrator

•    Beckman Coulter Particle Size Detector

•    Agilent GC-MS

Formulation and Process Development Equipment

  • Piccola Riva Bi-Layer Tablet Press

  • Heidolph Overhead Mixer, Multiple Mixing Blades

  • GlobePharma MiniPress II

  • Vector GMX 10 High Shear Granulator (8L and 4L bowls)

  • SAAN High Shear Granulators 5L, 10L and 25L

  • SAAN Bin Tumblers 5L, 10L, and 25L

  • Various Cole Palmer Lightnin Type Mixers

  • Vector LDCS High Coater-Solvent Capable, Interchangeable Pans

  • VWR 25D Homogenizer with multiple heads

  • Glatt GPCG-1 Fluid Bed

  • Glatt Mini Fluid Bed with Wurster Capability

  • Patterson Kelly V-Shell BlendMaster, 4, 8, 16qt. shells

  • Quadro 197S Co-Mil

  • Vector TF Mini Roller Compactor

  • Dott Bonapace Encapsulator size 00-4 change parts (tablet in capsule, beads in capsule, capsule in capsule, micro-tablets in capsule)

  • HJ-4A Constant Temperature Magnetic Agitator (4 station)

  • Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

  • Turbula Mixer Type T2C


Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Compounding Isolator for potent, hydroscopic and oxidative products

  • Class 5 Laminar Flow Hood for sterile process capability

  • VWR -20 Freezers

  • Tuttnauer Automatic Sterilizer

  • Multiple new Stainless Nilfisk Vacuums

  • Thermo Scientific NESLAB RTE 17 Chiller Water Circulator

  • Analogue Heavy Duty Torque Tester

  • DCGY F-200 Induction Sealer

  • Dr. Schleuniger Hardness tester

  • GUOMING YD-3 Hardness Tester

  • VWR -20 Laboratory Freezer

  • ELGI Screw Drive Air compressor

  • CARON Stability Chambers (ICH Conditions: 25/60, 30/65, 40/75)

  • Newly Installed 48kw Generac Backup Generator.  1000 gallon LP Tank


with both aqueous and solvent film coat capability, interchangeable pans accommodating R&D batch scale to pilot scale.  Sugar coating can also be configurated. 

Heidolph Rotovap in Action

Equipment Gallery
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