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Our Services & Capabilities

Preformulation Services

  • API Physical and Chemical Characterization

  • Excipient Compatibility Studies conducted with multiple API’s if necessary and excipient functionality categories

  • Particle Size Distribution

  • Polymorph screen studies

  • Partition coefficient studies

  • Thermal analysis interpretation​

Formulation Development

  • High Shear wet granulation

  • Hobart “medium” shear wet granulation

  • Fluid Bed top spray wet granulation

  • Fluid Bed bottom spray wet granulation

  • Fluid Bed drying multiple units

  • Dry Granulation/Roller compaction

  • V-shell dry blending

  • Octagonal Bin tumbler dry blending

  • Encapsulation via various techniques

  • Coating via conventional pan & bottom spray wurster techniques

  • Bi-layer fully instrumented tableting with micro-tablet capabilities

  • Lyophilization capability

  • Lightnin type impeller mixers, homogenizers and various mixing vessels for liquid and semi-solid dosage forms

Lab Experiments

Project Examples

This list comprises examples of projects which have been worked on from a
formulation development and or analytical development standpoint by 
Bravado Scientists

Formulation Support
& Analytical Development

• Analytical method development for stability-indicating methods via HPLC

• Stability storage at ICH condition via various analytical techniques testing developed products both physically and chemically

• Stability studies conducted under protocol with stability calendars

• Stability chambers 25°C/60% RH, 30°C/65% RH, 40°C/75% RH.


Custom conditions can be utilized at client’s request.

Pilot Scale
& Clinical Manufacturing

• Solid oral (tablet, capsule). Tablets in multiple platforms including multi-layer and micro. Capsules in both solid fill and multi-particulate. Micro-tablets in capsules 
• Liquid oral (solution, suspension and emulsions)
• Topical (lotions, ointments, creams and gels)


• Universal Packaging Systems, Inc. unit dose blister pack machine.
• Solids, liquids and semi-solids manual operation for small studies with automated units to be acquired as needed.

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