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Bravado's Birthday!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

In just two years of operations Bravado Pharmaceuticals has tackled a number of challenging CDMO projects ranging from targeting the Global Pandemic CV-19 to Anti-Cancer. In its initial year of 2020 during the global pandemic Bravado partnered with Stanford University and SPARK GLOBAL to create a nasal prophylaxis for CV-19. The product known as CoVer passed Phase I clinical and is seeking funding for Phase 2. CoVer forms a barrier at the intra-nasal ACE receptor site blocking the virus from entering the body. Bravado’s contribution to the project was “pro-bono”.

Birthday Date
Bravado Pharmaceuticals Turns Two!

Since 2021, the CDMO has gone on to develop multi-layer tablet programs utilizing its state-of-the-art laboratories in conjunction with its GMP clinical manufacturing suites. Bravado has capability of full-scale studies for formulation, analytical and process development of virtually any dosage form including full GMP operations with necessity for ICH stability studies in its new state of the art stability incubators.

Bravado specializes in multi-layer tablet systems, bio-availability enhancement, sterile development (ophthalmics, injectables), nasals, encapsulation, and specialized coated tablets. Bravado CEO Brian McMillan said, “We will continue to grow our development horsepower with future additions of spray drying systems, pion fiber optic units, NMR structure elucidation, nano-particle sizing, among other technologies. We look forward to the future”.

Additionally, a new division of Bravado has been creation of formulation and development of its cosmetic division “Elixir Beauty by Ashley Mandell”. As part of the Bravado chemistry team , Ashley has devoted independent time to create a line of cruelty free, clinically formulated, anti-aging products, serums, masks and lip glosses with the target market focusing on Med Spas and retail customers via social media and available for sale at and on Amazon.

Bravado also has numerous synergies with both the USF and UF colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine with research programs and student internships.

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