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Egg-derived anti-SARS-CoV-2 immunoglobulin Y (IgY) with broad variant activity...

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Featuring Brian McMillan, CEO, Bravado Pharmaceuticals

Bravado and Brian McMillan are excited and proud to be involved with this innovative research!

Egg-derived anti-SARS-CoV-2 immunoglobulin Y (IgY) with broad variant activity as intranasal prophylaxis against COVID-19: preclinical studies and randomized controlled phase 1 clinical trial

Lyn R. Frumkin, Michaela Lucas, Curtis L. Scribner, Nastassja Ortega-Heinly, Jayden Rogers, Gang Yin, Trevor J Hallam, Alice Yam, Kristin Bedard, Rebecca Begley, Courtney A. Cohen, Catherine V. Badger, Shawn A. Abbasi, John M. Dye, Brian McMillan, Michael Wallach, Traci L. Bricker, Astha Joshi, Adrianus C.M. Boon, Suman Pokhrel, Benjamin R. Kraemer, Lucia Lee, Stephen Kargotich, Mahima Agogiya, Tom St. John, Daria Mochly-Rosen

This article is a preprint and has not been certified by peer review. It reports new medical research that has yet to be evaluated and so should not be used to guide clinical practice.

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