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From an empty warehouse in 2019...

empty warehouse

From the bare concrete beginning of an empty warehouse in 2019 (see photos), Bravado was built with no outside help or funding except for the necessary architects and contractors performing the construction.

If we can do that by ourselves, just imagine the creativity, ingenuity, teamwork and cutting-edge innovation and technology we can put into your biggest CDMO challenge.

If you come to us you immediately become part of our family and team. We aren’t the biggest CDMO but that’s what makes us unique. We don’t have to fit you in the queue in 6 months, nor will you have to wait days for your scientific data. Communication is key to our success.

We put our small assembled scientific team of chemists, formulators and consultants up against anyone in the CDMO arena.

Don’t take your challenge to the “biggest group”, take your challenge to the "best group”.

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