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Timing is Everything and It’s Time to Make a Proposal.

Bravado is proud of our latest feature in Pharmaceutical Technology. Please see excerpt below:

Timing is Everything and It’s Time to Make a Proposal. Send your project proposal to Bravado’s team today. We are ready to formulate a response!

Our boutique style CDMO has the talent and skill of larger facilities but none of the

and thoroughly so that your timelines stay on track. Bravado’s team works primarily on initial product development through early-stage Pre-clinical Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Versatility and Resilience:

As a startup that literally opened its doors as the Covid Pandemic hit, Bravado is resilient and open to a variety of projects. During 2020 Bravado teamed with Stanford University scientists and Spark Global to initiate a preventative nasal drop, CoVer, as a prophylaxis for Covid. It successfully passed through Phase 1 clinical and is still seeking additional funding.

Major Products: Our services are tailored to each client’s specific needs. We specialize in perfecting formulations for the best end result. Bravado can work on most dosage forms completing everything for pre-formulation through manufacturing and analytical testing.

For Info or Requests for Proposal:

Or Contact Us:

813-991-4100 Office

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